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Commercial Cleaning

We have you covered...

A clean business is a productive business! Keeping your space clean and organized boosts employee morale, brightens the atmosphere and makes a great impression on visitors and business prospects...

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Corporate Cleanings

Small Business

Office Buildings

Law Firms - Insurance Companies - Administrative Offices - Real Estate Offices - Educational Facilities - Industrial - Manufacturing - Sales Offices - Municipal, etc.




Mom & Pop

Department Stores - Grocery - Churches - Fashion Outlets - Convenience Stores - Jewelry shops - Gas Stations - Gyms - General Merchandise, etc

Restaurants & Eateries

Apartment Complexes

Vacancies & Cleanouts

Cafes - pubs - Cafeteria's - Bistro - Fast Food Shops- Taverns - Pizzeria's  - Diners -

Bed & Breakfasts  - Inns - Airbnb's - Rentals - Foreclosures - Move in/out

And more...


Daily  Weekly   Bi-weekly  Monthly  One Time 

Deep Cleans  Vacancy Cleans   Pre/Post Construction

  • Dust/Polish all surfaces and furniture

  • Clean and disinfect surfaces including light fixtures and door handles

  • Empty wastebaskets

  • Clean interior wall glass and mirrors

  • Clean office equipment (fax machines, phones, copiers, etc.)

  • Vacuum floors/carpets

  • Wash and disinfect flooring

  • Clean and sanitize employee break room/cafeteria

  • Clean kitchen appliances

  • Deodorize

  • Toilets and urinals cleaned and disinfected inside and out

  • Refill toilet tissues, hand soap, hand towels and hand sanitizer

  • Remove Trash

Cleanings include all communal areas of an office, including the reception or lobby area, workspaces (offices or cubicles), washrooms and the break room, kitchen, or cafeteria area.

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